Chronicle is a place for stories that bring you outside your box in five minutes or less. Discover excellent indie authors. Get lost and find yourself in a Playlist. Tell us how much time you have and get a random story. Sail the world without missing the bus to work.


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Chronicle is for this moment

Five minutes until the next train, so you pull your phone out. Chronicle's Frontpage serves you a beautiful story that'll stick with you all day.

Now, instead of political dread or social anxiety, you're ready to face your commute, and your day, with a fresh perspective and a new idea. 



First to arrive? Use your Minutes wisely

Nobody likes sitting alone, waiting for the whole party to arrive. Don't tap your fingers nervously. Chronicle's Minutes feature allows you to choose a time (1-5 minutes), then get a random story of that length.

Take a deep breath, sit back in your chair, and get whisked away to another world. When the rest of your friends arrive, you'll feel fresh, excited, and open to hearing what they have to say.


Not sure how long that line is?

Could be ten minutes, could be an hour. With Playlists by Chronicle, you can reach into an entire short-story universe. 

Get lost in the secret-agent world of Coordinates Unknown while you wait. Because Playlist stories are separated into bite-sized chunks, you can get the persistent story without worrying that you'll suddenly lose your place.


Find mindfulness in fiction.

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