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Fiction lets us experience our world in ways we've never seen before. Chronicle’s mission is to share this with you.


Find moments in your minutes.

Chronicle publishes stories from authors around the globe. Our fiction is short and substantial so you can find moments in your minutes.


The future of fiction is here and now.

Chronicle is a modern celebration of writing. We curate short, thoughtful stories that you can read in minutes. Now you can read without a schedule.


Discover new narratives on the Frontpage.

Searching for your next favorite read is a chore. Related works aren’t enough; fiction is great because it offers so many different voices. The Chronicle Frontpage is human-curated with stories that complement and contrast so that you can experience a wider range of voices.


Minutes is the fastest way to read fiction.

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We love reading, but it’s difficult to find the time. Minutes is our solution: simply tell us how much time you have and we'll give you a random story from our library. You can read every story we've every published this way. With Minutes, you can read on your time.


Explore a world of fiction with Playlists.

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At Chronicle, we love all of the directions fiction can go. That's why we made Playlists: hand-curated collections of short stories. These exclusive stories all share a common theme, feature an exciting author, or follow a captivating storyline. Lose yourself in romance or relish in human accomplishment with sci-fi. With Playlists, it’s never been easier to explore all of the paths fiction has to offer.