Chronicle is the expression of an idea: 

The written word is a timeless art form that has yet to find its place in the modern world.

In today’s world, our time is often too divided to sit down and read a great novel, but we believe that literature is important. Chronicle is fiction’s new home for the future. Now, no matter how frantic our lives become, we’ll always be able to find the time for great reading.

At Chronicle, we believe fiction is for everybody.

Tyler Brouwer

Director of Content and Founder

Tyler is a Los Angeles-based writer always joking that literature saved his life. Chronicle is his love letter to the future of reading.

Steve Frederickson

President and Founder

Steve is a fan of music and an interface expert with years of industry experience. Creating a new way to tell stories feels like the ideal project.



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Chronicle publishes authors from around the world. Our authors share the belief that fiction is for everybody.


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