Fiction Over Facebook

The line at the grocery store. The morning rush at the coffee shop. The waiting room at the mechanic or doctor's office. We all have places where we have these idle minutes. What do we do with those minutes? Scroll through social media? Hit refresh on the news? We can do better.

Chronicle is a new way to spend your in-between minutes. We made a space where you can read something that's both thoughtful and thought-provoking; a space free from clickbait headlines and tricks to get you to look at ads; a space for mindfulness and presence. 

Social media has a place in our lives, but it shouldn't define it. Studies have shown social media to have a negative impact on our psyche. It is a place where people only share the idealized version of themselves, and it is addictive. It makes us depressed. We get sucked into a world of shares rather than living on Earth, a world worth sharing.

The same problems exist for the news. Staying informed is important, but because of the way they're monetized, media companies are incentivized by clicks, not quality. This leads to a spiral of vapid content devoid of any quality or thoughtfulness. It prioritizes negative over positive, revenue over journalism.

We want to make a future for fiction. We think that novels and longer forms still have a place, but the modern world doesn't always leave us the time to sit down and absorb 400 pages. For those who make the time to read novels, Chronicle can act as a supplement. Read a story by an author to help decide whether you want to buy their book, or when you don't have a book handy. For those who don't have time to read, Chronicle offers a whole world of fiction. Read a story on Chronicle when you only have three minutes, or when you want to escape the clickbait.

Chronicle is a new way to read. It's designed to be friendly, high-quality, and thoughtful. It's free of the pitfalls of modern day media. It's a stand for literature's place in the 21st century. It's fiction over Facebook.