Staff Picks by Steve

When Tyler came up with the idea of an Editor's choice Playlist, I was very excited. I get to make my own Playlist! As a bonus, we get an excuse to stretch our definition of Playlists, and this serves as a prototype for you to make your own in the future. 

My favorite stories on Chronicle follow a bunch of different topics, but I think they are unified by their value-to-length ratio and maybe also by their weirdness. In this post I'll go into a short summary of my top three. You can read all twelve of my favorites on Chronicle now!

A couple more notes if you're interested

I ordered my Staff Picks based on what I think could be a flow: Stories that take you places, followed by a handful of perspective using religious figures, then a couple of romance stories (because obviously), and closing out with some straight-up weird.

Because I'm weird.

Speaking of weird, I had fun making the cover. You probably won't like it, but I do. Shoutout to my high school design teacher who taught me to use Photoshop—you created a monster.


This story, by DC Diamondopolous, is seriously awesome. It has all the makings of the perfect story all wrapped up in a tidy package. It takes you places, and it shows you a new world. It's romantic, it's an adventure, and it's a lesson, all in five minutes. This story is my favorite example of how much content you can fit into 5 minutes.

At Last, Death

They say comedy is the best medicine, which makes this story a cure-all. I love the flow of it, and making fun of Death is a topic that I enjoy quite a lot. The humor of this story strikes a chord with me, and it's my favorite in the one-minute-or-shorter category. Why read anything longer?

Atomica Getting Dressed

My favorite part about this story is its artful ability to be about whatever you want it to be. It may not the easiest to read, but it's my favorite weird story. Did I mean favorite-weird story or favorite weird-story? You decide! Follow along with Atomica as she tries to find a path forward even when nothing will go her way. Why not sprinkle a little weird into your day? At five minutes, it's a low commitment!