The Fastest Way to Read

3.5 minutes

Minutes is all about your time. We set out to make it easy to slow down and read, and we ended up with a faster way to read. It's totally random so you can be surprised by what you find, and it has the fewest steps between you and the story you'll find anywhere. It's perfect for decision anxiety and is sure to delight you. Minutes is the fastest way to read fiction, and we're proud to have it as part of our app.

Our app is all about slowing down and being mindful, so it might seem unintuitive to bring you the fastest way to read. But that's just the point of what we do: help fiction compete with media-rich, hyperoptimized, modern-day content. By making it easier to slow down, we hope you'll do it more often. Our goal is to help you have 5 minutes of mindfulness in your hectic day, and that means making it easy to read a good story.

Minutes and minutes

All the way down to the name, we're all about time, so we have two things called 'minutes' in our app. First is 'minutes,' where we rate each story for length. Second is 'Minutes,' where you tell us a length and get a story. We'll be talking about the second during this post, but some references to the first will come out as they are connected and share the same goal. Minutes is a core concept of our mission: To bring you delightful, timely fiction to read during your free moments.

Random stories

We made Minutes random because we're a tiny company that doesn't have any money, but it ended up bringing out the unexpected delight you get from finding something new. Your only input is how much time you have, and no algorithms get in the way of giving you something fun. All of our fiction is editorially curated, and it's all really great content. When you hit "read," you're going to travel to a new world and catch a story while also catching the train.

We think you'll find delight in trying new things and not have to decide what to read next. We aren't going to pretend to know what you like to read: if you don't like the story you got, hit back and try again. Currently, all of our stories are available through Minutes. You might get something you've already read, but maybe that repeat story is one of your favorites. Who are we to decide? As we add more stories, you'll have more opportunities to discover something great.

Great fiction, fast

Whether it's racing each other on our bikes or finding new literature, we're all about speed. That means streamlining everything else, including any time spent choosing your next story. In creating Minutes, we wanted to make the simplest interface possible. That way you don't spend any time choosing and instead spend all of your time reading. 

No input needed

By offering no inputs other than time, you don't have to decide what to read next. This lets you focus on what you came here for: the story. We aim to do more with less. Read it, save it for later with share, tap one of the colored words to read more. Stories have a bunch of different paths you can take when you're done, and Minutes is a simple, effective entry point to our excellent authors' content.

The right time

We believe in respecting your time, so we rate every story by length. This lets you know what you're getting into at a glance, and it's a great entry point into Minutes. If you are waiting for the train and the board says you have 3 minutes, you can finish right on time. If your friend is 15 minutes late to dinner you can read a couple of long ones. Respect for your time is one of our core values, so we gave Minutes its own page in the app.

Minutes is one of our favorite features of the app. Lowercase minutes is one of only four pieces of information available in every story, and uppercase Minutes has its own page so you can read on your time. We made Minutes so you could be delighted by the random, and we made it so you can read on your time. Because of Minutes, Chronicle is the fastest way to read fiction.