See You at The Book Festival

I’m excited to announce that Chronicle will be making it’s first ever in-person appearance at the Rain Taxi Book Festival! Come say hi, hear what we’re all about, and get some cool free stuff too.


What book festival?

The Twin Cities Book Festival is an annual gathering of fiction and the people that go with it. This year it’s at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on October 13th. You’re going to find author signings, book sales, and people talking about things they care about. We’re a sponsoring exhibitor there, and we’ll be there all day (from 10-5). Come say hi!

Did you say free stuff?

Yes I did! For starters, the festival itself is free to attend and you can get there free on Metro Transit (see the festival website for that one). We’ll be giving out swag and other freebies at our booth: the current plan is some excellent bookmarks and stickers, first-month free membership if you sign up for emails, and a raffle TBA.

I can’t join in person, how do I participate?

We know in-person events aren’t for everyone, and we have people from all over for which it’d be a lot of work to travel to MSP just to hang out. If you want to geek out about fiction, technology, or visual art, drop me a line through our contact page. If you want to read some awesome stories, download Chronicle or sign up for our email list. If you want free stuff, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to make that happen for you!