Where we are, how we got here.

 “Why not fiction?”

This is the question that has guided us to where we are. Two years ago, Chronicle was a loose collection of ideas and breakfast conversations. After a decade of seeing how technology, particularly mobile technology, was radically changing entertainment industries for the better, it seemed odd that literature was still stuck the twentieth century. In today’s world, we can take our music with us wherever we go. Newspapers are always available through mobile web services. ‘Watching TV’ no longer refers to a specific activity in a specific place—Netflix is with us on any of our myriad screens at any time. Educational or entertaining podcasts can be our companions for running, riding the bus, or falling asleep. With our phones, we can play chess, without a board, against a grandmaster who lives halfway across the world. Mobile technology, we realized, had freed us from the constraints that used to govern how we participated in entertainment.

So, why not fiction?

Storytelling is as old as language. But as other forms of storytelling, such as television and videogames, have changed the way we consume media, fiction has not kept pace. Chronicle has been built from the ground up around the modern reader. Finding a great piece of fiction to read while you’re waiting at the bus stop, standing in line for your morning coffee, or killing time before class, has never been easy. The odds of coming across a good story of the correct length that you might enjoy were very low—until now. With Chronicle, you’ll know exactly how long the story will take to read, and with highlights you’ll be able to gauge whether or not a story interests you before you commit the time to reading. It’s meaningful fiction that travels with you, that fits into your schedule.

We’ve worked hard to put fiction in your pocket. And we've thought long and hard about how to make short stories an accessible, easy part of your daily life. Doing so has been a great pleasure, because we believe that stories matter. So the next time you’ve got three minutes to spare, we hope you’ll find something to love on Chronicle. And because our story lineup changes regularly, you never have to worry about not having something meaningful to read.

Chronicle is available today on the Apple App Store. Coming soon for Android devices.